"A fun attitude and upbeat tempo make this instructional video an accessible and approachable take on the maki-zushi making experience." 
- Brooke Bisel

“I opened The Art of Sushi DVD
and loved it.  Makes me wonder
if I can try making sushi. I had
never heard about putting the
lemon juice in the vinegar mixture. 
The DVD is really great and I am  anxious to give them for
Christmas...... and then I hope
they try it.

- Tak Todo

"This is the next best thing to
being at one of our live
NuCulinary sushi classes!"

- Naomi W. Kakiuchi,

"A great video for beginners and experienced sushi makers alike!
I've been rolling sushi for about
a year.  After viewing this video, I was able to really refine my

 - Robin Bisel
(a full-time student & works
part-time in a Japanese restaurant.)



Yes, You Really Can Make Delicious Sushi at Home with these Step-by-Step Video DVDs
and Complete Sushi Kits!

Give them as a gift, or save money by making your own sushi rolls, nigiri and sashimi instead of paying high prices at a sushi bar!

Get all 3 Sushi DVDs and save 20%!

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Includes: Sushi Rolling BasicsAdvanced Sushi Rolling AND Nigiri & Sashimi

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Sushi Rolling Basics

Learn the basic skills needed to make yummy sushi rolls, cook perfect sushi rice and more.

Plus, Naomi Kakiuchi—owner of NuCulinary Asian cooking school—and her Mom, Matsue Watanabe share their own, traditional family sushi recipes that you won’t find
anywhere else! Learn More...

Only $24.97
+ S & H

Watch Video Clips On:

Washing Rice

Mat Wrapping

Advanced Sushi Rolling

Take your sushi rolling skills to the next level!

Learn to make all your favorites including: Spider Rolls, Hand Rolls, Spicy Scallops, Caterpillar Rolls and more with Naomi Kakiuchi of NuCulinary and guest sushi chef Hajime Sato—owner of Mashiko Japanese Restaurant in Seattle, Washington. Learn More...

Only $24.97
+ S & H

Watch A Video Clip On:

Spider Rolls

Nigiri and Sashimi

Discover a sushi master’s secrets for choosing, slicing and serving perfect sushi by the piece.

The most difficult styles of sushi to master are nigiri and sashimi. Now you can learn the same knife skills, and tips for picking the best fish, normally taught only to sushi apprentices. Plus, get recipes for making special toppings to take your nigiri to the next level! Learn More...

Only $24.97
+ S & H

Watch Video Clips On:

How to Eat Sushi

Shrimp Nigiri

And it’s all backed by a 30 day,
100% Money Back Guarantee!

Buy these DVDs, take them home, and start rolling. If you aren’t completely satisfied,
you can return the complete DVD and I’ll refund your money (less shipping and handling)—no questions asked.

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Sushi Kits Complete with The Art of Sushi DVDs

The only truly complete sushi kits available on the Web, each one contains all the traditional tools, ingredients and instruction you need to make a variety of sushi from rolls to nigiri and sashimi (depending on the kit). Just buy fresh fish and veggies and you’re ready to get started.

Zen Jokyu Sushi Mastery Kit

Photo Credit: www.keithwood.com

Satisfy your sushi cravings—or have a killer sushi party—with this complete sushi kit packed to the gills with tools, traditional ingredients and all 3 instructional DVDs.

Whether you’ve never made sushi before, or you’ve got a good handle on the basics, this kit is for you. It includes everything you need (except perishables like fresh fish and veggies) to create mouth-watering sushi including California Rolls, Spider Rolls, Spicy Tuna and Scallop,
Caterpillar Rolls, hand rolls, nigiri and sashimi! Learn More...

Only $177
+ S & H

Chukyu Deluxe Advanced Sushi Kit

Photo Credit: www.keithwood.com

Make sushi bar quality sushi rolls in your own kitchen including California Roll, Futomaki (Big Roll), Tuna Roll, and Salmon in Soy wrapper!

Get everything you need to start making delicious sushi rolls at home (except the fish and veggies) in this Deluxe Sushi Kit. It comes packed with the basic tools PLUS the specialty ingredients to make all the traditional rolls on the included Art of Sushi Basic Rolls DVD. Learn More...

Only $127
+ S & H

Shokyu Premium Sushi Starter Kit

Photo Credit: www.keithwood.com

Indulge your cravings… Impress a date… Give a great gift… This kit has everything you need to start making beautiful and tasty sushi rolls at home!

Ready to try your hand at making sushi at home? This premium sushi set is the perfect place to begin. Packed with all the tools and ingredients you need to make a variety of mouth-watering sushi rolls, it even comes with your very own instructors on The Art of Sushi – Basic Rolls DVD. Learn More...

Only $67
+ S & H

And it’s all backed by a 30 day,
100% Money Back Guarantee!

If these kits arrive at your door, and you’re not 100% satisfied that they’re everything you expected, let me know. You can return the complete kit within 30 days and I’ll refund your money (less shipping and handling)—no questions asked.

Don’t like to buy online? No problem! Give me a call at 206-932-3855 and you can
place your order by phone.

Questions? Email me.

Happy Eating!

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